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Help after hours

Writing Center offers tutoring through Facebook By Katie Matherlee    It’s 10:30 on a Wednesday night. You’ve just remembered that you have a wellness paper due tomorrow morning at eight. Even though you’ve already written it, you know it’s bad, and you know for a fact Dr. Kearney is going to chew it up and [...]

Extra Dimensions

By Meg Gould Midterm grades have finally been turned in, but now comes the hard part: gathering the courage to log into Web Adviser to see just what those grades are.    Dissatisfied with your grades? Realizing you need to change something to get the grade you want? Sure you can always study more, do [...]

Herculean Labor

By Danielle Norris After two months in place, the new WEPA printing system has prompted mixed reactions from faculty and students. At the beginning of the semester, Bridgewater implemented the new printing system in order to decrease wasted paper on campus. WEPA is a pay-per-page wireless printing kiosk system which is a dramatic change to [...]