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China’s democracy

By John McCann    “What is democracy?” “What is voting?” In the 2007 documentary film Please Vote for Me, a group of third grade students in Wuhan, China are asked these questions and they have no answer, only puzzled looks. In the film, the government has allowed the position of “class monitor,” basically the second [...]

Fairness in Democracy

Fairness in Democracy

By Joshua Trupo A relatively full auditorium waited for the convo to start; all sorts of conversations were struck up. Not conversations between students or faculty, as onewould expect, but conversations between students and some of the older members of the Bridgewater Community, who filled a majority of the seats. Itwas refreshing to see that [...]

History is quietly made

By Joshua Trupo    Back on January 1, President Obama signed the National Defense Alliance Act for the Fiscal Year 2012. It is an extensive bill filled with all sorts of different rules and regulations. The bill, according to a statement made by Obama shortly after signing, addressed the authorization of “funding for the defense [...]

Mit Romney

   Republican GOP candidate By Kelsey Byard    It’s no secret that many Republicans feel that the pickings for the 2012 presidential candidacy are slim. The party itself has been going through a period of great regrouping since the 2008 elections, in which Democrats gained both the presidency and a great number of seats in [...]

On politics

  By Zach Shifflett    On Tuesday, January 24th, President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union Address. The speech marked an important opportunity for the President to highlight the successes and future plans of his administration. With election year rhetoric at a fever pitch, the President made it a point to stay positive [...]

Newt Gringrich: Republican GOP candidate

  By Kelsey Byard    Newton Leroy McPherson was born on June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to teenaged parents, whose marriage was said to crumble a few days after their September, 1942 wedding.  Three years after Newt was born his mother remarried an Army officer named Robert, who adopted Newt as his own, and [...]