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The Disney-fication of Sportscenter

By Jeremy Batka    Before school everyday growing up, I used to watch my favorite TV show, Sportscenter. The show was simple and a.m.azing, it showed highlights of nearly every single sporting event that occurred the day before,and it even included multiple hockey and soccer highlights. However, nowadays, Sportscenter is to sport highlights as MTV [...]

Bataka’s take: Super Bowl XLVI

Bataka's take: Super Bowl XLVI

By Jeremy Bataka They say those who seek revenge should dig two graves. This holds true for the New England Patriots as they fell to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI just like they did in Super Bowl XLII in the 2007-2008 season.    Of course, in 2008, the Patriots were headed towards [...]

Eagles fall just short at W&L

Eagles fall just short at W&L

By Jeremy Batka A game that involved two dynamic and talented offenses, and 94 points total scored, unfortunately did not end successfully for the Eagles this Saturday, Oct. 22. It was a must win game for the Eagles if they had any hopes of making the playoffs as they ended up  falling just short from [...]