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On childish antics

By Danielle Norris    I’m all in favor of occasionally acting like a kid. I’m a big fan of watching cartoons in my pajamas on Saturday afternoons. I know many BC students occasionally enjoy coloring books or finger painting. But there’s a difference between acting like a kid and acting like a child.    Acting [...]

Sleek, slimy, creepy crawlies

Sleek, slimy, creepy crawlies

By Danielle Norris During spring break, I visited Virginia Beach.  I had never been to the city.  I was most excited about visiting the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.  I love aquariums.  I find fish really calming and I was looking forward seeing new sea creatures.  My boyfriend Drew and I left our hotel [...]

Black History Month is Racist

 By Danielle Norris    Now that I have your attention, let me explain further. The idea of studying black history and culture is wonderful; condensing it to a month is painfully poor execution.    I recently saw a YouTube video in which Brigham Young University’s students struggled to name black historical figures other than Martin [...]

Increasing students need increasing staff

  By Danielle Norris     One of the fantastic advantages of Bridgewater College is its small environment. The close-knit academic environment is one of the primary reasons I chose this school. But that small environment can also double back around and bite you in the, well, you know.    At Bridgewater, most student service [...]

Herculean Labor

By Danielle Norris After two months in place, the new WEPA printing system has prompted mixed reactions from faculty and students. At the beginning of the semester, Bridgewater implemented the new printing system in order to decrease wasted paper on campus. WEPA is a pay-per-page wireless printing kiosk system which is a dramatic change to [...]