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Home is where the student is

Video by Ellen Morris, Katie LaBranche, Jessica Reynolds, Katie Matherlee and Audrey Kordek. KCC Food? The following video explores the ins and outs of the KCC and the opinions of the student body about the food and the KCC in general. We also explored the option of having local restaurants be a part of the [...]

Black lights, Music, Laser Tag!

By: Lindsey Barnes Remember as a kid, running around in dark mazes with flashing lights all around you, intense action music blasting, and the sound of a laser guns ringing through your ears? If that description takes you back to childhood laser tag adventures, then you’re right on!  On November 9, 2013, Eagle Productions (EP) [...]


  Rules and Regulations: Participants must e-mail their submission to Entries are due by midnight, October 28 to the provided e-mail address Photo rules: .jpg or similar format Good quality Must be your own picture Must be to college standards; no nudity, alcohol, etc. Winner selected at the discretion of the Veritas staff Prizes: [...]

Horse Lovin’

By Lindsey Barnes Many students attend Bridgewater College for its scenic view and its wide variety of courses and electives - one of those more popular opportunities being the chance to be on the Bridgewater College Equestrian Team. Participating in this course does not mean that students simply get to ride horses and have fun all [...]

What is “The Big Question?”

By Kathleen Herring    As you may or may not have heard, this year was the beginning of the new Academic Citizenship program at Bridgewater College. Also known as ‘QEP’ or by the name of its main initiative “The Big Question,” this program focuses on forming a more complete liberal arts education by facilitating important [...]

Not your average lab

Future educators get hands-on learning By Lauren Johnson     Enter Moomaw 100 and you will find colorful cubbies filled with book bags, letters of the alphabet, a plastic play kitchen, shelves full of toys, rugs for playing, a comfy couch for reading, pictures on the walls, musical instruments and much more that create the perfect [...]

What’s to become of the Eagles’s nest?

What's to become of the Eagles's nest?

By Melina Norman    How is the Eagle’s Nest going to be used? That’s a question that has been on everyone’s mind for a while now since it ceased being a source for food. There is no answer to that question right now because there is no defined plan at this moment, but college administrators [...]

What’s the deal with student senate?

By Joshua Trupo    Sitting in the Boitnott room, waiting for the meeting to start, friendliness is in the air. Everyone is saying hello and joking with one another as the Senators trickle in and begin filling their seats. Yet as soon as that gavel hit the table, it was straight to business.    The [...]

“No means no, but yes is best”

By Corley Tweedy    “Does anyone have a pen I can borrow?” asked Trent Wagner, Prevention Educator for the Collins Center of Harrisonburg, of those in attendance of the convo on October 2. Being lent a pen, Wagner then went on to say how he had permission in that moment to use the pen. However, [...]

Faces of the Past

Faces of the Past

The Mary Early house: A forgotten legacy By Chris Conte The tired old honor house at 305 East College Street sits quietly between the street and the soccer field.  Students and faculty have walked and drove past it for years.  It has stood there for ages, longer than anyone can remember.   This house, however, has [...]

A plea for higher drop-out rates

A plea for higher drop-out rates

Vandalism on Campus By JJ Krehbiel    Last weekend something occurred that did not suit me. Maybe “not suiting me” is too nice. It didn’t settle with me. No, still not harsh enough. It greatly irritated me. Still beating around the bush. Last weekend something occurred that made me wish Bridgewater had higher drop-out rates. [...]

Cinderella Students

Senior Ball under review By Cassandra Brown and Erin Pampe We seniors at Bridgewater do not take the concept of Senior Ball lightly. Senior classes before us know this feeling. As graduation day looms closer, we’re excited for our final night of going out and celebrating together as a class. Senior Ball is a tradition—a [...]