There’s a New Restaurant in Town…

There's a New Restaurant in Town...

By Katie Matherlee Thank goodness it’s not an Italian restaurant! Shelley Boyers, originally from Richmond, has blessed Bridgewater with Scrumptious Suppers, a small little sandwich shop where everything is homemade and, well, scrumptious! Vic Boyers, Shelley Boyers’ husband and co-owner of the restaurant, is the chef behind all the delicious food. So what made this [...]

Catching the Fall Plague

In case y’all do not already know, it is getting cold outside! This means that the trees will turn colors and leaves will fall, leading to piles of the crunchy leaves for those young, and young at heart, people to jump in. On the other side though, the drastic change in weather and blooming of [...]

Change the problem to change the solution: Ways to make our campus more comfortable

In our first issue, Lindsey Barnes wrote an article titled “Not enough space.” The main point is that there are too many students and too many cars for our small campus community. Several students and faculty stated their positions and made suggestions in remedying this problem. I hear in my classes several commuter students complaining [...]

Changing ourselves, changing our community

   Change is a word with many meanings. For some, it means a new start and another chance to accomplish desired goals. For others, it is something to fear and to desire not to happen.    For the 2013-2014 school year, Bridgewater College has welcomed new professors, faculty and staff members. Cheerleaders, lacrosse and field [...]

“The Best Thanks-giving”

By Chaplain Robbie Miller      Would you agree that there’s within all of us a basic human impulse to give thanks, to express gratitude for the goodness of life?  Admittedly some are better at this than others.  But I’d like to believe that an attitude of gratitude is somewhere deep within us all.    [...]


A review By Nicholas Davies    There is certainly an effect that celebrations or anniversaries have on individuals; usually, this means consuming large amounts of confections and reminiscing about days gone by and ruminating on how blissful they were and what fun it was to live in such ignorance. Celebrations also tend to cloud judgment: [...]

The Amazing Spiderman

A review By Nicholas Davies    There are many ways I could start this review: I could launch into one of my usual cantankerous rambles about the franchise model of film-making that has radically altered the way that most blockbuster films are now produced; or I could write a brief blurb discussing the state of [...]

Exams on the horizon

By Morgan Breeden    As we get around to the last few weeks of the fall semester, students will begin the treacherous road to passing final exams. Final exams can be defining moments for most students who are hanging by the skin of their teeth in certain classes. Being stressed out is bound to happen [...]


By Corley Tweedy    I honestly cannot believe that it is already time for Thanksgiving; where has this semester gone? The older I become, the more I see time truly fly by. It’s funny: in the moment, the days and weeks seem to drag by, but when I look back, it is unreal to me [...]

Monday night with the quartet

Monday night with the quartet

By Sara Heflin    Bridgewater College played host to the Georgia Guitar Quartet on Monday night.  The group consists of four University of Georgia alumni, each of whom has been involved in music since their childhood, Kyle Dawkins, Brian Smith, Phil Snyder, and Jason Solomon.    The quartet started off the night with Dawkins’s original [...]

China’s democracy

By John McCann    “What is democracy?” “What is voting?” In the 2007 documentary film Please Vote for Me, a group of third grade students in Wuhan, China are asked these questions and they have no answer, only puzzled looks. In the film, the government has allowed the position of “class monitor,” basically the second [...]

The life of a reporter on Election Day

By Cassandra Brown Freelance journalist    It was 4:15 a.m. on the coldest day of the year. Frost coated the ground like snow. It was a balmy 28 degrees when I left the house at 5:45 a.m., but I was determined to report on the polling precincts for Election Day.    This was how my [...]

Election Results

By Josh Trupo    According to the Associated Press and NPR 3 p.m. this Wednesday, President Barack Obama has won the 2012 Presidential Election with 303 electoral votes and more than 59 million popular votes against Mitt Romney’s 206 electoral votes and approximately 57 million popular votes . That’s right folks, for better or for [...]

Bundle up, y’all

By Corley Tweedy    It’s cold; way too cold.    Yours truly is not a fan of the cold. I know, I’ve heard arguments up one side and down the other for which is better: hot or cold. Subscribers to the cold camp say that it’s so much easier to layer and bundle–”you can always [...]



By Moshe Khurgel    During the opening convocation, Dr. Carol Scheppard, our Dean of Academic Affairs, asked the incoming students, “What are you doing here?” While she did not expect an answer, I did! So, I posed a similar question to the 60 or so students in attendance during my “Small questions with Dr. Khurgel” [...]

Don’t judge a book by its cover

By Corley Tweedy    I read a lot. Not as much as I like, mind you, but when I have the time available, I can crush a good book in a day or two. Lately, as is the case for most college students, I have not been able to read many works of my choosing, [...]

All the grains of sand

By Corley Tweedy Have you registered to vote? If so, good for you; if not…well, that’s your prerogative. However, as I have said before, I feel that if you do not contribute your opinion to a situation (in this case voting), then you really have no grounds for complaint. I won’t get on that soapbox [...]

The annual egg hunt

By Corley Tweedy    I’ve never been to a family reunion. Though my extended family is large, my immediate family is very small. We have get-togethers periodically with our relatives, but as cousins grow up, they get married and move away or become involved in their immediate families, so it is more difficult to gather [...]

“The guy with the bowtie”

By Corley Tweedy This past Tuesday evening, I had the opportunity to officially meet our very own Roy Ferguson, serving us this year as interim president of the college. The event was formally titled “Greet the Guy with the Bowtie,” and was basically an opportunity for students to gather with Roy and voice questions and [...]


Spiritual Matters By Chaplain Robbie Miller    Last week, one or more individuals spray-painted vulgar hate graffiti on the buildings of the Islamic Center of the Shenandoah Valley in Harrisonburg and the Redeemer Classical School in Keezletown.  The intent, I assume, was to create confusion and fear within those communities.  Ironically, what it created instead [...]

Solidarity in the face of vandalism

By JJ Krehbiel    Amidst the wave of horrendous violence sweeping across the Middle East, violence in our own community can become easy to ignore. However, members of the Islamic Association of the Shenandoah Valley came face to face with such festering violence as they headed to prayers last Friday. The Islamic Association, a mosque [...]

Actions and reactions

By Corely Tweedy This week, as both a campus and a community, we faced a series of unfortunate events.    We lost two BC community members (a student and a staff member). We extend our love and sympathy to the families and friends of Steven Grove and Rasheda Alestock.    We also faced two issues [...]

Dangerous generalizations

Critical Encounters By Bernardo H. Motta Ombudsman It’s dark and silent. All I can hear is my little desk fan and the blaring siren screaming in my ear caused by my tinnitus, but it’s mostly dark and silent. I know my radio alarm clock will start yelling NPR news at any moment, but I’m awake. [...]

All this time later…

   By Corely Tweedy    This past Tuesday dawned clear and bright, just as it did eleven years ago, as I walked into my fourth grade classroom ready to head off on a field trip. At our small private school, the entire lower school had pretty much the same morning routine, consisting of saying the [...]