The sideline society

By Kathleen Herring

   John F. Kennedy once said, “We are inclined to think that if we watch a football game or a baseball game, we have taken part in it.” Whether your enthusiasm for sports is as great as this former president’s, being able to actually take part in a game is often more entertaining than waiting on the sidelines.

   If you love sports, if the thrill of the game has you jumping up and down on the sidelines and showing off your team spirit every game day, if you want to get some hands-on work experience in the field of sports and media relations, then maybe you should consider an internship with the Bridgewater athletic department!

   Senior Health and Exercise Science major Matt Maher has been helping the Director of Athletic Media Relations, Tim Leister, as part of his internship this fall semester. Maher chose this internship because he loves sports and was recommended by his coach, and while he does not intend to pursue a career in media relations, he said that he “definitely wants to do something involving sports,” and that having hands-on experience in the field “can’t hurt me.”

   Maher’s duties include videotaping games, running the score board, using the tri-caster during football games, assorted office work, and helping to set up for all the home football games. Running the tri-caster, which is his favorite part, involves real-time video editing. “You have to pick the best picture and know when to mute the announcers and when to go to commercial; it’s cool because you get really involved in the game,” Maher explained.

   The most exciting game he’s been able to work at was the football game versus Washington and Lee, which in Maher’s words “was a great win for the program; they [Washington & Lee] were expected to smoke us but we won so that was a big deal. The field hockey game that went into shootouts was also pretty unique; most sports will just let the game end in a tie but not field hockey, I learned.”

   Different sports have different demands when it comes to videotaping. While football is Maher’s favorite sport to watch and he has gotten to run the tri-caster for many games during the course of the semester, he finds field hockey games much more challenging to record. “It’s a small field so there’s not really a good place to set up the camera to get a good video,” he explained.

   Maher has been an avid sports fan all his life. When asked about his favorite sport, he explained, “I grew up in a baseball family; my dad’s been a coach since I’ve been alive so that was always my favorite. Unfortunately, I only get one more year to play on the team here.”

   Maher definitely recommends this internship to any students who like being involved in the world of sports because of the wide variety of different sports you get to work with. For more information on internships, contact the Office of Career Services at

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