Leaders on and off the gridiron

By Andrew Palmer

   Leadership is something that is very important and often unwanted by many people. Being a leader constantly puts you in the spotlight and can bring unwanted attention from other people. But for junior quarterback Willie Logan, leadership is something that comes natural.

   “I love being looked up to by my fellow teammates and others around school,” said Logan. “I want to be the one who helps guide players on my team, not only on the field but off the field as well.”

   Being a natural leader is why Willie Logan was picked by his fellow teammates to be in the Bridgewater College football leadership group. Willie along with Danny Grogg, Joel Frances, Lucas Elliot, Salem Nganga, Shawn Lee, and Jacob Wright were all selected by the team to lead this group for the 2012 season.

   In pre-season, every player was given a questionnaire that had questions about who possessed certain leadership qualities. Some questions asked about work ethic, while some even asked who you would call if you were in trouble.

   Each player wrote down two names for each question and the coaches selected the leadership group based off of player responses.  Being on this group allows for these players to have a voice on the team not only on the field but also off the field.

   “Being a leader helps me feel responsible for my teammates. I not only want to set a good example on the field but in the classroom as well,” said senior Danny Grogg.

   Grogg described how he enjoys being there for his teammates no matter what the problem is and how he feels proud to be in the position he is in. Danny described how being a leader has always seemed to come natural to him.

   “I have always been very vocal as a player and a friend,” said Grogg. “On the football field I like to keep everyone positive and working hard.”

   Leadership is very important in team sports such as football. Having set leaders like the football team is very important not only to keep the team excited when they are succeeding, but to keep players encouraged when things go wrong.

   Off the field, the leadership group reminds the players to make good choices by being good role models and holding team functions away from things such as alcohol so they keep their number one focus on the season.

   The leaders continued to show their support for the team as they headed to Catholic University last weekend to wrap up their season with a 42-14 victory. It was a winning season for the Eagles with a 7-3 overall record, and they will soon be back in the training room to prepare for the 2013 season and a hopeful ODAC championship.

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