HRCDCC: Care for all

By Rebecca Heine

   HRCDCC—quite a mouthful. It stands for the Harrisonburg Rockingham Child Day Care Center, a center dedicated to providing child care and learning opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment. During the school year, HRCDCC provides childcare for children of two to five years, with additional summer programs for children up to age eight. The Center, located in downtown Harrisonburg, is committed to serving the community by providing child care regardless of a family’s situation, including finances, race or religious affiliation. Delores Jameson, the Executive Director of the Center, explained that “because of our partnership with United Way, we are able to offer a sliding fee scale which allows parents to pay a weekly tuition based upon how much money they earn.”

   The Center was established in 1971 and has been providing high quality childcare for 41 years. As a non-profit organization, HRCDCC is dedicated to serving the community over a bottom-line. As Jameson put it, “I do what I do because I love children and I love being able to work in a business that is well known in the community for providing high quality childcare.” Through the tireless efforts of its teachers and staff, HRCDCC has been able to care for the children of the Harrisonburg community regardless of a family’s financial status, mainly due to its partnership with United Way and various fundraisers.

   One such fundraiser is the upcoming “Dancing with the Stars of the Burg” event, taking place this Sunday, November 11, at 6pm in the JMU Grand Ballroom. Jameson said that “the community has been extremely supportive of this fundraiser,” and the event has already raised $37,281 in donations. Events such as these are fun ways for students to get off campus and be involved in the community while supporting a great cause.

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