Exams on the horizon

By Morgan Breeden

   As we get around to the last few weeks of the fall semester, students will begin the treacherous road to passing final exams. Final exams can be defining moments for most students who are hanging by the skin of their teeth in certain classes. Being stressed out is bound to happen to the majority of students, which can lead to sleep exhaustion, cramming in information the night before, and flat out not studying at all.

   What can students do to ward off some of the stress that comes with studying for these exams? Here are a few ways in which students can control our anxiety with exams and learn better studying habits. While maintaining a positive attitude, students should space out their studying throughout the week, and not cram everything the night before. Exercising is also very important; going to the gym will relieve any stress built up over exams or life in general. We can better remember information when we get in a few healthy hours a week of exercising.

   Flash cards are always helpful when studying rather than putting all the information on one page. “Every single student needs to have a final exam strategy. I would recommend one of the things students do is to take some time over Thanksgiving break and sit down by your syllabi and plan out when you have exams, then make an exam study schedule and stick to it”, said Jennifer Babcock, of the Communication Studies Department. Some people may be more comfortable studying in their dorm, but forcing yourself to go to the library to find a quiet spot can be more beneficial to your studying skills than having constant distractions in your room. Taking short frequent breaks are also useful because your memory retains the information that you study at the beginning and the end better than what you study in the middle. Studying in the afternoon can be better as well because studying after your bedtime can make it tempting to fall asleep. “Most professors are really good at letting students know exactly what to study for. Take advantage of all the tools that your professors are giving you. Refer to your syllabus and read your full assignment sheet. All the tools students need are there, they just need to remember to look for them”, said Babcock. Studying for exams is pretty self-explanatory for most people, but we have to remember to support each other and take advantage of our study groups during these tough times in the last few days of the semester.

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