Times they are A-Changin’

BC music professors speak about the “new’ music department

By Bethanie Glover

Bridgewater has seen a wealth of changes in faculty recently with the resignation of President George Cornelius and the many retirements last semester.   The BC music department has been no exception.

   BC Music recently said goodbye to two full-time professors: Dr. Jesse Hopkins, long time director of the choral ensembles, and Dr. K. Gary Adams, professor of music history.  Also, there has been a loss in adjunct professors teaching piano, voice, and other musical concentrations.  However, the department has also welcomed many new professors and adjunct teachers. 

   Dr. John McCarty has joined the music department this year at BC, taking the helm as director of chorale, concert choir, and oratorio, as well as teaching music major and minor courses.  He, along with the new chair of the department, Dr. Larry Taylor, and the director of the instrumental ensembles, Dr. Christine Carrillo, plans to add a new spice to the music department. 

   Dr. McCarty plans to start a new spark in the hearts of major and non-major vocalists by introducing new repertoire, as well as new traditions to carry out through the years.  “I hope that we can continue so many of the great traditions that we have going,” said McCarty, “but I think that we can also expand around those traditions.” 

   All of the change in the music department has the three professors casting their hopes into the future, making plans for a larger musical fingerprint on BC.  They hope to increase the number of majors and minors in the music department within the next ten years, as well as increasing the number of non-major music participants. 

   Dr. Carrillo has an idea of what the department will be like in the next decade: “I would like to see the department twice the size, and being able to offer more courses to more students, increasing the number of ensembles that we have, as well as the number of fine arts GenEds that we offer.”

   Although Dr. Taylor feels that the music department will not ever be a large department in comparison with the size of the school, he does have hopes of increasing the number of majors in the department, as well as introducing new world music ensembles for cultural diversity. “We have a lot of people who come with musical experience to the school, but they never participate in musical things at the college,” said Taylor.  “We’d like to try to get Bridgewater students involved in more musical activities.”

   Dr. Taylor is hopeful that the fresh, young faces in the department, Drs. Carrillo and McCarty, will kindle a new passion for music among Bridgewater students, and that the large amount of “stressful” change in the music department will be for the better.

One Response to “Times they are A-Changin’”

  1. jimjenkins510 says:

    The administration will never allow the Arts to expand at BC, which is a shame. It is amazing that, as a college that promotes itself as a Liberal Arts college, it so lacks in support of the arts in general. Carol flat out refuses to even read the Theatre program review that was mandated, saying that there will never be a major unless there are at least 50 students signed up for a theatre minor. And THAT is a fact. To the students and Arts faculty, I say stand up and have your voice heard. If enough voices are raised, Roy and Carol have to start listening. A world without art is nothing.

    Jim Jenkins