Senior Ball Follow-Up

Erin Pampe     

Last month, everything about the Senior Ball was still up for debate. In fact, at the beginning of the semester, the senior class didn’t even have a Senior Ball budget to speak of. This meant that the location, the time and the entertainment aspects weren’t even being considered.

   Thankfully for the senior class, this has all changed—including the name. Formerly referred to as “Senior Ball”, the event has been subtly renamed “Senior Formal” in order to give it—as Senior Formal committee head Lori Carlton put it—“a more elegant and classy feel.”

   As previously discussed at the senior meeting in February, the option of having the formal behind the alumni relations building has been selected. Therefore, for this year’s Senior Formal, elegance and class is exactly what the Senior Formal committee is striving for in order to make the event as enjoyable as possible.

   “We’re thinking of it to be more like a cocktail party. I mean, it will be kind of like a wedding reception, but not a sit-down dinner or anything like that,” Carlton said. “Girls will be in very nice cocktail dresses and guys will be dressed very nicely as well.”

   Another issue that was up for debate was the time frame for the formal. Originally, the time that was suggested for the event was from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., which really caused seniors to grumble. One student even said that it was “like homecoming all over again.”

   “None of us actually thought to say that that time wasn’t set in stone. The time ‘6 to 9’ was just sort of mentioned, and we were all so focused on other things that we didn’t think to say that those times weren’t correct,” Elizabeth Barley, Senior Formal committee member, said.

   In order to get the time frame changed, Carlton says that the committee has been working with the town of Bridgewater to combat noise complaints.

   “Dean Miracle has spoken with a police official for the Town of Bridgewater, and has made him aware that the event will be outside this year,” Carlton said. “They have also been made aware that the event will most likely take place from 8-11, so they will be notifying the neighborhood just in case the neighbors hear music, noise or students.”

   One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the issue concerning alcohol consumption. Since the event is on campus, there won’t be any alcohol allowed on the premises. Carlton, Barley and fellow member Becca Dye all agree that although this isn’t the ideal situation, they hope that the rest of the senior class can accept that this year will be different.

   “There will be plenty of other events during Senior Week that will provide students with the opportunity to consume alcohol and have a good time elsewhere,” Carlton said. “We’re just looking at this to be a more respectable, classy and elegant event. We’re asking for three hours of one evening where you respect that and the college’s wishes on that,” she emphasized.

   Actually, according to Dye, Bridgewater has held the Senior Formal off-campus for only six years. Before that, it was held on campus, when the rule regarding alcohol still applied. The professors, Dye said, would actually be the ones to serve the students in a sit-down dinner fashion.

   All three ladies say that this year’s senior class could be the class to bring this tradition back, along with accepting the change that they’ve been given and “creating something that will shed some positive light on this event and future events as well,” as Barley put it.

 “This really was something that was thrust upon us. It could’ve been the class of 2011 or the class of 2013—it just happened to be us,” Dye said. “Let’s take what was a bad situation and really turn it into something that we can be proud of.”

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