Chick-fil-A Bowl

By Holly Fox

Despite the love and pride I feel toward BC, I have always considered the University of Virginia to be my second college home. Between the months of September and November my wardrobe consists of a lot of navy and orange and a white v-saber baseball cap, I know the Good Old Song better than I know Bridgewater’s school song, and at any moment I am fully prepared to defend myself from any rude comments directed toward UVA from any obnoxious Virginia Tech Hokie fan. In part, my UVA fandom can be contributed to my fiancé Aaron who is a 2010 graduate of UVA, but some of it I can credit to myself. Either way, UVA has found a way into my life and I now consider myself a Wahoo.

In December when it was announced that UVA would be traveling to Atlanta, Georgia to take on Auburn University in the Chick-fil-A Bowl, Aaron and I jumped at the opportunity. I was beyond excited; I had never been to Atlanta before and the idea of traveling to watch UVA play in such a big game just fueled my excitement. Our tickets were soon purchased and a trip was planned. The 26-day wait leading up to the trip seemed to drag, but soon we found ourselves in Atlanta partaking in all of the Chick-fil-A Bowl festivities.

The game took place on New Year’s Eve at the home of the Atlanta Falcons, the Georgia Dome. We arrived in Atlanta–fondly dubbed HOOlanta by UVA fans–on December 30.  Before the game we celebrated our arrival to HOOlanta with other UVA fans at Stats Sports Bar and Grill and watched the UVA Cavalier Marching Band, UVA Athletic Director Craig Littlepage, and the president of UVA, Teresa Sullivan, make their way down Peachtree Street in the Chick-fil-A bowl parade. As much fun as the pregame festivities were, the real excitement was yet to come.

The Georgia Dome was loud and rocking. Both UVA and Auburn had their sections filled and their fans pumped up. The UVA band came onto the field and did their usual pregame routine. The game started and for the first half of the game, UVA was in the game looking hot; there was hope that we would be able to get the W. The team played great for the first half, but could not pull it together in the second half. Despite a valiant effort and having two punts blocked, UVA didn’t get the win in Atlanta.

Though the game did not turn out the way that any UVA fan wanted, the whole Chick-fil-A Bowl experience was incredible. Being surrounded by fellow Wahoos and ringing in the New Year with them at the Marriott Marquis was comforting following the loss to Auburn and an experience in itself. The Good Old Song was sung instead of Auld Lang Syne and everyone wished each other a “Happy Hoo Year” rather than a “Happy New Year”. The Chick-fil-A Bowl experience was one that I will never forget. Even though UVA did not win, I still feel very lucky to have been able to travel to HOOlanta and cheer on a team from my second college home.

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