Re-Kindle Your Library Usage

By Maria Best

After Amazon announced on Sept. 21 that Kindle e-books will be available in libraries, over 11,000 public libraries now participate in the library lending system for Amazon Kindle, including the Massanutten Regional Library (MRL).

     “Massanutten Regional Library wants to be more technology oriented,” Community Relations Manager Cheryl Griffith said. Griffith said the system currently has about 130 titles of e-books. MRL set a donation goal of $5,000 needed to expand the title library and is nearly halfway there. 

   To start the library e-reading process at MRL, patrons should go to one of the local branches and ask for a PIN, needed to rent an e-book.  

   Once in possession of a PIN, readers have access to borrowing an e-read simply by going onto the library website and choosing an available book. An e-book will expire two weeks after the download.    

   You can read the borrowed e-book from any Kindle device or free Kindle reading app.  Kindle readers can still use features such as Whispersync technology to make highlights and notes in a library e-book; marking up your library book is finally encouraged.  

   Alexander Mack Memorial Library at Bridgewater College does not yet have a large e-book lending system, although the college has purchased three Kindles. Director of the library Andrew Pearson said that two of the Kindle devices will be put into circulation for the college community as the third one will be used to monitor changes in the two circulation models.

   “As we explore licensing issues, we are tentatively going to allow the user to download out-of-copyright books and load their own books under an Amazon account that they have established for themselves. We do not yet have a release time,” Pearson explained. 

 To visit the Massanutten Regional Library website, go to:

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